Why baking as a team-building activity?

Baking inherently has the ability to provide opportunities for team-bonding which other activities might not provide adequately. Over my 4 years of conducting and facilitating team-building baking classes, participants never fail to leave with a huge smile of satisfaction on their faces.

In the post below, I will break down why baking is uniquely suited for team-building.

Goal Setting:

Baking has to have a tangible end goal. Which can be a cake or other pastries. Eating together or watching a movie together hardly counts as a goal!

At Bakers Origin, we even have a prize for the team which demonstrated the most teamwork at the end which further motivates them to put in their 100%

Baking Class, Corporate Teambuilding
Participants from Great Eastern Advisors Clique strategizing how to win

Interpersonal relationship and problem solving :

Usually when participants get baking they will figure out that some are better at whisking batter while others are better at decorating! Participants have to communicate openly and honestly to assign roles to solve the task at hand.

Baking is multi-faceted and allows people of different strengths and abilities to flourish. Other activities like dragon-boating or escape room challenges only test physical or intellectual capabilities and allows little room for communication and may even exclude certain groups of people

Teambuilding, Baking Classes,
Participants from DBS Equity Research have well assigned roles for decorating their baked cheese tarts

Learning a life skill:

Lets face it, not everyone needs to have rock climbing skills or to learn how to escape from a room filled with clues. But it does not hurt to be able to whip up a chocolate tart or a strawberry shortcake. Baking is a skill which one will find useful throughout their life!

Baking Class, Teambuilding
Perfecting their strawberry swiss roll


When we conduct any teambuilding classes, it is our sincere hope that bonds between colleagues are strengthened and they have buckets of fun doing so. We hope that although they might come as colleagues, they will leave as friends!

Baking Class, Corporate Teambuilding
NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

I hope today’s teambuilding session made you realize that whenever you send an email to a colleague from another department, it is not just a name, but a face, a person, whom you baked many delicious items with today, and I am sure it is memories like these that you will cherish and bring with you as you guys progress through your careers and workplaces" - Director, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

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