Bachelorette Parties!

Thinking of an activity for a Bachelorette Party should not just be another activity on the to-do list! Choose something meaningful that everyone can participate in.

Skip the staycations and spas! Have a bake-off with your bridesmaids instead!

We breakdown why you should consider baking for your last day being single!

Learn a life Skill Baking is a lifeskill that can be used to feed your hungry soon-to-be husband/soon to come kids/mother- in-law, the list goes on. Who knows, you might even be able to bake your wedding cake on the big day!

Wondering if they got the recipe correct

Testing your bridesmaid organizational skills Baking involves processes and steps that has to be followed in exact sequence. Very much like planning for the big day! Why not use baking as an excuse to test the organization skills of your bridesmaids. From mixing the batter of the cake to trimming to frosting, the bride should sit back relax and let her bridesmaid do all the work.

Bride-to-be following the lead of her maid of honor

Create lasting memories Very much like a staycation, when you throw a bride-to-be with crazy bridesmaids, you are bound to get a wonderful chaotic mess with lasting memories. Take a video of the bride being brought into the studio blindfolded thinking she is going for a bungee? Check ✔ Take a candid polaroid of the bride-to-struggling to frost that cake? Check ✔ , Take a boomerang of the final bakes which might be lacking in artistic finish but chock full of effort? Check ✔

A hens party only occurs once in a lifetime. Whichever activity you choose, treasure this day and create beautiful lasting memories with your loved ones! Cheers

Kiss goodbye to single-hood!

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